The 3rd Global Gathering of LGBTQI Radical Faeries

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The 3rd Global Gathering of LGBTQI Radical Faeries

We call our LGBTQI Healers, Shamans, Visionaries, Storytellers, Truth-Tellers, and Activists to join hands and hearts to celebrate and explore who we are as a Queer Global Community!

logo graphic: 3rd Global Gathering of Radical Faeries, February 2020, South Africa

The Western Cape, South Africa, February 15 - 24, 2020

You are invited to heal and rejuvenate in the spirit of the African philosophy of Ubuntu, the universal bond of sharing which connects all humanity.

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This project provides LGBTQI people living around the world, and especially those living in countries and cultures where LGBTQI people are persecuted, a forum and safe place to come together for support, to build global community, to explore common truths and networking opportunities for affecting global culture shift, and for promoting LGBTQI rights.

Hosted by Radical Faeries for the first time in Africa, participants may not necessarily identify as being Radical Faeries or as L,G,B,T,Q, or I, but may feel called to attend for personal as well as professional reasons.

The first Radical Faerie Global Gathering was in northern California, USA, in 2014. An extraordinary encounter between 220 Faeries from many cultures occurred over 7 days. Many of these Faeries from around the world are still in close collaboration.

The second Global Gathering was held in 2017, at Featherstone Castle in Northern England. Again, 120 Faeries met and discovered a deeper awareness of the range of activism, collectivism and queer expression globally, in the face of various kinds of oppression.

Collectively, the first two gatherings brought LGBTQI people from over 50 countries together. Participants and activists from Russia, Slovakia, New Zealand, Brazil, Argentina, Cuba, Australia, Pakistan, Singapore, Togo, Burundi, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Rwanda, Nigeria, and Uganda learned from, shared ideas and danced with each other, forging life-long and world-wide friendships and community-activist support networks.

We witnessed and learned of global queer struggles, accomplishments, and activism strategies. We witnessed, with excitement, the rapid development of: the Canaan Faeries in Israel; ongoing Faerie Gatherings in Thailand, and Beijing Gatherings in China. We also celebrate the new Faerie Sanctuary in Portugal, and the ongoing search for an additional Sanctuary in Southern Europe, as well as the Sex Magic Workshops going international.

Much more work is needed.


Due to the current conservative political climate in the west and the difficulty of getting visas for people traveling to the west, it was decided to hold the 3rd Global Gathering next February in South Africa. SA is a country with a liberal visa policy, favorable exchange rate, LGBTQI legal protections, and accessibility for a wider range of participants.  

We'll gather for 9 days, for a fee of $450 USD per person (food and lodging included). The venue is a remote rustic spa and retreat center, that can accommodate 120 - 150 participants, in an incredible area of the South African Western Cape, known as Little Karoo (, about a 3 hour drive from Cape Town. Some program activities are already planned, including daily Heart Circles, workshops designed to share participants' stories, as well as opportunities for sharing performance and art. Many participants will offer additional workshops facilitating opportunities to learn from each other. Inquiries for participation have already been received from Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, North and South America, and Australia/New Zealand. As of mid September 85 registrations have been received. More than 45 are seeking some financial support to attend.


Gathering participants are asked to contribute as much as they can toward their Gathering fee and their travel costs, but the Radical Faerie tradition of NOTAFLOF (No one turned away for lack of funds) is being used to support this effort.

100% of your PinkStart donation will go directly to the NOTAFLOF scholarship and transportation fund.

NOTAFLOF does not mean that participants can simply attend without paying anything and expect the rest of the community and donations to pay for their fees and tranportation.

NOTAFLOF does mean that for those who are economically unable to afford the full gathering fee, and the full amount of their transportation, we expect that they will make an honest assessment of their financial situation, and that they will pay as much as they reasonably can, without taking money away from what they need for food, medicine, clothing, and shelter.

NOTAFLOF also means that we all have the hope and expectation that those who are in abundant or affluent financial situations will express their generosity for their own good fortunes by paying more than the stated gathering fee, in order to help defray the costs for those who must pay less.

This Global Gathering is an all-volunteer, community effort. No one is being paid for their time and expertise.

Our total expected need is $25,000 USD. We already have commitments from several donors for $10,000 USD, and are looking to raise the additional $15,000 USD through this crowd-funding campaign.

NOTAFLOF donations are used to fund two key areas – scholarships  ($5000 USD) to assist those who cannot afford the full Gathering fee of $450 USD; and transportation ($10,000 USD) to assist with costs of travel from a participant's home country to Cape Town and transfers between Cape Town and the Gathering venue.

Your donation will make a big difference for an LGBTQI person who may be risking their life daily in their home country, and often must live hidden and fearful. These Global Gatherings create the opportunity to build alliances and new international friendships, share cultural and political-change tactics, develop new stategies for shifting culture and legalities in favor of LGBTQI persons, and explore human sexuality in ways that may not be available to them living in a repressive regime.

  • $50 USD provides one participant scholarship for one day including room and board.
  • $600 USD provides one participant full scholarship room and board with travel transfers from Cape Town.
  • $1000 USD provides 2-3 participants fully paid transportation from their home-country in Africa to the gathering and back.
  • $1200 USD provides 6 local South African attendees full scholarship for camping and food.
  • $1600 USD provides full scholarship and transportation of participants from Russia, China, Pakistan or South America.

No donation is too large, or too small. As state above, 100% of all donations goes directly to travel and scholarship costs for participants needing economic support to attend the Gathering.

All donations are tax-deductible in the USA, to the extent allowed by law. This fundraiser is a project of Nomenus, a USA registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization. The project is managed according to existing Nomenus fiscal policy, and transparency around expenses is available upon request. Tax Deduction confirmation letters are also available on request.


The planning team is an all-volunteer group of 12 professionals and activists, some of whom have participated in putting on the first two Global Gatherings. We are Radical Faeries and are located in North America, Africa, and Europe. Five core planners live or were born in Africa.

We meet weekly via Zoom video conference and welcome participants' help in our efforts. If you would like to volunteer to co-create this Gathering, please contact us,

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