Help LGBTI Refugees in Kakuma camp

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Help LGBTI Refugees in Kakuma camp

We are a number of 200 LGBTI refugees and asylum seekers in kakuma refugee camp in Northwest of Kenya (East Africa) it's 1000km from the capital city of Kenya, Nairobi. We kindly ask for your help on Clothes, mattress, food insecurity and medication  

Namala Bashir Erdin (LGBTI refugees community leader and representative of UNHCR)

1. Campaign story

    1) food insecurity - the food rationed out includes: 3 kgs of sorghum & maize grains, 1 litre of cooking oil and this is supposed to take u for a whole month yet in actual sense, this isn't enough at all. 

<WFP food>

Sorghum, 3 kilograms

Peas, 1 kilogram

Soap, 1 piece.

Cooking oil, 1 liter.

    2) medication - scarcity of drugs in the clinics, when one gets sick, they're barely any drugs in the health centres. The only drugs there are pain killers. So one needs to buy drugs from the private clinics.

2. Who are you? - Refugee flag kakuma, supporting LGBTI refugees & asylum seekers in kakuma camp

3. How the money will be spent - buying food, accessing medication & emergency cases such as sometimes, the police rounds up our residences and carry out unnecessary arrests. And therefore, money is required to bail out those arrested.

4. Withdraw - Junko(Satomi)Shimada is in charge of that.

Junko send the fund to Kakuma via western union

If this small project is succesfull without any trouble, then the next project will be started.

<more information>

Following face book page is about the news from kakuma camp:


↓Thisi is the website for Japanese


You can ask junko when and how much money was sent by following email.

You can ask how the money is used by following Email.

Fund recipient ; Namala Bashir Erdin (LGBTI refugees community leader and representative of UNHCR)

and Mbazira Moses(Face book page writter)


<History from Tokyo>

04/07/2017  a small money was sent from Tokyo to Kakuma via western union for test. It was succsesful.

05/07/2017 Fundpage for Kakuma with Pinkstart .me try to be created by Junko. (Refugees don't have bank account but they can use western union of Kakuma village. It means that you can send some money directlly to them without this project. But this page is helpfull because you don't have to pay the fee of western union.)

07/07/2017 This fund Page is now online.

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