A touching, quirky comedy/drama of 3 friends, who's journey leads them through self discovery, friendship and sexual awareness.

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A touching, quirky comedy/drama of 3 friends, who's journey leads them through self discovery, friendship and sexual awareness.


Jason Doo has a mission -  to break the world record for the longest house party ever held, at just over 427 days, held by a young German man by the name of Olaf Goldstein. With the somewhat reluctant help of his house mates and lifelong friends Craig Morgan and Sandra Parnell, they set off on their attempt, and although initially everything is fun and spirits run high, they slowly begin to discover things about themselves and each other, their relationships, their weaknesses, and exactly where they're willing to draw the line at having a good time.. In this touching, quirky comedy drama about three friends edging past their thirties, who's journey leads them through self discovery, friendship and sexual awareness.
Can Jason finally let go of his love for Bea? Will Sandra understand that her love for Becca is real? And will Kray fight off the demons of his past?

GOAL: To reach our message far and wide through communities  around the world and give LGBT+ people a voice through a median we love.. film...

Misson Statement:

Amazing People Pictures recognises the lack of positive LGBTIQ representation in the film and television industry today. It is not okay that so many men and women do not have an accurate representation of what life can or should be like for them in films and television programs today. Worse still, young adults who find it difficult enough as it is to find themselves in this world are constantly viewing a negative and often unhappy situation involving characters that they identify with. This has been shown to have an extremely detrimental effect on the LGBTIQ community. It is time that the negative or abnormal representation of LGBTIQ people in fictional film and television media stops.

The Life of the Party is a story which does not focus its entire story line on a relationship between two women; although does do something equally as important and compelling.. We see a normal relationship between two women, Sandra (one of the three main characters) and her girlfriend, Becky. The love between them is beautiful – and through Sandra’s journey in the film they face trials like any couple does. They lose traction and have to work to find each other again. In our film however, they do have a happy ending. The trials in their relationship do not occur because of their sexual orientation – but instead because they are two people who love each other and need to work through finding themselves just as any couple does in reality. No one in the story treats them or their love any differently because of their sexuality and this is very rare in all media types today. Their love is beautiful, and is found – and they end up happy. We are sure we don’t need to stress to you the importance of this equality and good representation – or how much of an impact such a positive view of LGBTIQ relationships has on the community. 

"Life of the Party" is based on the successful short film, also named Life of the Party that was shot on location in London, England in 2011. It is being made by the same director with fresh vision with LGBT chracters added to the story line in Australia  whose last low budget feature film has sold all over the world.


Director: Michael Hamish Budd (born July 2, 1974) in Paddington NSW is an award winning Australian film actor, director and Producer. His feature directorial debut, Love of my Life (2012) Starring Peter Obrien, was completed. It sold to Gravitas in the US and won best Horror at Mt Hood Film Festival - It starred Logie winner Peter O'Brien. He is also the owner of Production Company Amazing People Pictures based in Fox Studios. He is best known for playing Esmael, alongside Henry Cavill and Sigourney Weaver and Bruce Willis in The Cold Light of Day (2012) and playing the Zion Controller in The Matrix Reloaded (2003). IMDB http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1369377/




Life of the Party will be the second feature for Amazing People Pictures; with their debut film released in 2014, Love of my Life; which won best horror/Sci Fi in U.S.A. Love of my Life is currently selling through US Video on demand platforms and sold to a top 500 American distribution company world-wide, GravitasVentures.  And you can pick up at JB HI-FI

in Australia  https://www.jbhifi.com.au/movies-tv-shows/movies-tv-shows-on-sale/horror/love-of-my-life/673974/






The primary goal is to achieve an agreement for US and UK/Australian distribution. The Producer intends to ensure the critical and financial success of Life of the Party with the following list of objectives: Adherence to widely marketable genres – music film and Black Comedy Minimize costs to achieve high production value and maximum revenue. To reach our message far and wide through communities and give LGBT+ people a voice through a median we love.. film... Hire talented and experienced cast and crew to join the currently experienced members of the team Utilize previous relationships built with our last feature film with top 500-distribution company gravitas ventures http://www.gravitasventures.com/love-of-my-life/ Utilize previous relationships built major TV channel 7 https://au.tv.yahoo.com/the-daily-edition/video/watch/27003304/aussie-actors-buddy-up/ Utilize previous relationships built up with major consumer and trade magazines FILM INK and TV SOAP magazines http://www.filmink.com.au/features/enduring-love/ http://www.amazingpeoplepictures.com/images/film-ink.jpg http://www.amazingpeoplepictures.com/images/peter-o-brien.jpg

How The Funds Will Be Used
OK, so Hollywood won't be throwing millions to make "LIfe of the Party... just an independent skilled team based in Sydney Australia no comic book heroes in this film - just real characters living LOVE, LIFE and LOSS.. 
So making an inspiring and entertaining quirky feature film will itself be a battle! We'll be shooting the film predominantly on the RED DRAGON Cinematography by the wonderful Casmir Dickson
- Additionally, we'll be purchasing a hire of a MOvi Fly for fast exciting movement capture.



Everyone needs to eat, and the cast and crew of Short Distance is no exception. A chunk of what we raise will be used to keep the team nourished and hydrated, so we can concentrate on making the best possible film we can.


No production is complete without it! To ensure the safety and financial security of our cast, crew and production, we will require both public liability and equipment insurance. This is a small, intimate film, but one can never be too careful.

Post-production, including the production of masters, distribution, completion of colour correction grading and sound design and mixing as well as DCP deliverables and festival entry costs. All these things contribute to a fair amount of expense to finish the film.

The Challenges
Essentially, producing a feature film with a budget this small is quite HARD and TRICKY. 

We are compelled to take risks and explore new artistic territory. Our team is interested in creating films that are works of art but also commercially viable. Our production team are experts in managing feature films and TV commercial productions from the creative through to delivery. Our experienced directors and producers are dedicated to ensuring the project receives the utmost attention and creative nurturing - We look at the initial creative, scripting, production, editing, budget, locations, special effects and the delivery.. everything to make a first class project come together.,we have a crew of equal ability to capture this magic and turn it into a poignant and moving story.

However with good planning, we will make an extraordinary film. Join us and be a part of something special.

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