"Lost n' Found" Season One is a 12-episode American web sitcom about two best friends hilariously navigating the LGBT landscape in LA.

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"Lost n' Found" Season One is a 12-episode American web sitcom about two best friends hilariously navigating the LGBT landscape in LA.


As human beings we all find ourselves at a cross-roads at many points in our lives. Do we take this job or stay at our current? Do we move across the country? What kind of rice is best for my watered-down iPhone?

Oh, and there's the elephant in the room question that we all, male or female, mammel or bird, ask ourselves?

"What if I'm gay?"

These are the kind of questions, aspiring 20-something actress Marty (Ashley Ann Alvarado), poses to herself everyday in the our new comedy webseries, "Lost n' Found."

Marty is fresh off of long-term relationship with her ex, Eric, and is attempting to find herself, both personally and professionally,  in The City of Angels. As Marty experiences LA with wide-eyed abandon, she has gay best friend and guardian angel, Harvey (Brenna Leigh Noguez) to look out for her. Together, they are well-suited to help each other out, with Harvey introducing Marty to a new perspective on life, and ever-the-romantic Marty providing ladies' woman and successful entrenpreneur, Harvey with the ideal that you should never give up on finding your true love.

Marty is also befriended by her obnoxious cousin Pat (Teya Patt), loyal friend and former stalker, Devon (Trip Langley) and always with an ear to listen bartender, Sam (Deyo Forteza).  

They might be five lost souls, but with the enormous love that glues them together, they will find themselves.


The intention of "Lost n' Found" is to promote self-esteem and acceptance for LGBT people, their friends and family (both gay and hetero), while presenting a comedic slice of life in the vein of "Seinfeld," "The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt," and "Friends."


Initially created as a small 6-part webseries by Ashley Ann Alvarado and Brenna Leigh Noguez, "Lost n' Found" has evolved (continues to evolve) into something much bigger and lovelier. Meet some of the talented cast and crew behind the scenes:

 Producer/Writer/Marty: Ashley Ann Alvarado

Previous credits include:  The Fate of Phoenix (2011), There Once Was a Man (2012) and All Around Me.

 Producer/Writer/Harvey: Brenna Leigh Noguez

A product of the theater community, Brenna cannot sit still with the opportunities LA has to offer. You can find her doing everything from assistant directing, camera work, technical directing to live playback editing in live action sports. Her solid foundation behind camera has bettered her knowledge of an actress's responsibility in front of the camera. Her goals reach beyond her career, as she hopes to make a positive impact on media for present and future generations.

  EricAlfonzo Spigner

A talented actor, Alfonzo has appeared in several notable short films, including, Locked In (2014) and Sunday Morning (2011) as well as the TV series, I Should Be on TV (2011).

Alison Whitney The Blonde: Alison Whitney

Following her attendance at the Tisch School of Arts at New York University, Alison has gone on to act in films, plays, TV shows, and TV commercials. She's a member of the Old Vic New Voices Company directed by Kevin Spacey. She has appeared on such TV series as Sex Sent Me To the ER, My Dirty Little Secret and My Crazy Ex.

Deyo Forteza Sam: Deyo Forteza

A relative newcomer, this talented actor and street dancer has appeared in the short films, The Deep Feint (2015) and Blackmail Business (2014).

Nina Bergman Silver: Nina Bergman

Nina Bergman is an actress, singer, songwriter and model. She was born in Denmark and is the granddaughter of Russian actor Pavel Kadochnikov. Her other work in LA includes starring opposite actors like John Malkovich, David Arquette, Vivica Fox, Jesse Metcalfe. She has done numerous skits on The Late Late show, The Tonight Show and hosting various shows like E!Entertainment, Fuse, and The Grammys as Trophy Girl.

Teya Patt Cousin Pat: Teya Patt

A very funny actor, Teya can be seen in the Showtime series, Weeds as well as the short films, I'm So Happy I Found You (2014) and Blind Date (2012).

Trip Langley Devon: Trip Langley

Trip has appeared in several TV series, features and shorts, including All But Famous (2015),  Last Family on Earth (2012) and Brooklyn-Knights (2010).

Colin Costello Producer/Writer: Colin Costello

A talented writer, Colin wrote 2013's well-received family film The Stream, has a TV series on PBSKids called Moochie Kalala Detective's Club and the upcoming 2016 sci-fi adventure feature, Traveling Without Moving.

Monica Zaffarano - Director Executive Producer/Director: Monica Zaffarano 

Monica is an LA- and Chicago-based independent producer and director with over 20 years of experience in film, television, advertising, fashion, theater and charitable fund-raising. I am a passionate creative, driven by a love of people and collaboration with others. 

Cinematographer: Kacper Skowron


WHY $15,000?

Yes, webseries are generally less expensive than this. But sometimes that cheapness shows up on film. We believe so much in Lost n Found that we are using it as a proof-of-concept in order to create an actual sitcom. We believe the LGBT audience, and the general audience, deserves a series that is not only entertaining but shows many different groups in a positive light. We don't take ourselves seriously, but we do take our mission very seriously. The reason we seek $15K is for the following reasons:

We are shooting 12 episodes out of sequence which equals our first season. Paying our small, yet incredible cast and crew
Camera/Lighting/Sound Equipment
Post Production
Providing funds for our uber-talented hair, make-up and wardrobe team
And of course feeding our cast and crew


Raised of $15,000 goal
Seconds left
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