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$25 gets you a chance to win your choice of either a $500 travel credit with the airline of your choosing or a $500 American Express giftcard.

We must raise at least $2,000 before December 10th or funds will be released back to "ticket" holders.   If we raise our $2000 (or MORE) we will hold a livestream drawing of the raffle on December 10th to announce the winner!

As a community, one of the core values we hold is that no one should be turned away from showing up because there is a lack of resources.  We have tended an abundance spell which has provided us with the ability to invest in our community future without resorting to gated experiences.

 There will also be a raffle at the gathering (replacing the auction that happens at probably any other Breitenbush gathering) with all the amazing artisan items and items of intrigue that arrive to help fundraise.  Whether you are attending or not, this is your chance to help support this and future gatherings and to possibly WIN your choice of either a $500 gift card for arifare or American Express gift card.


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