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Youth Center Legebitra is the very first youth center in Slovenia specializing in LGBTI+ youth. The youth center offers a safe space for young LGBTI+ people where they can spend their time without fear of violence or discrimination, receive affirmative information about LGBTI+ topics, be educated on them and socialize with their peers who are going through a similar experience. The purpose of the youth center is to empower young LGBTI+ people for adult life and society by providing them with a more secure and inclusive environment in which they can engage in diverse activities.

The Youth Center Legebitra was established by the organization of the same name, a Slovenian non-governmental, non-profit, humanitarian organization, active in the fields of youth, social protection, mental, physical and sexual health, education and human rights of LGBTI+ population. The organization advocates social and systemic changes based on respect for sexual orientation, gender identity and/or sexual expression. It takes into account the intersection of personal circumstances, such as health, nationality, race or ethnic origin, language, religion or belief, handicap, age, social status, wealth, education or any other personal circumstances.

A very unique attribute of the youth center is that it provides young LGBTI+ people with all-encompassing support in one place. We can offer them support and service combining five different fields.

First there is the program of the youth center that gives young LGBTI+ people an opportunity to engage in a variety of activities, such as educational, social and artistic/cultural activities, groups/clubs based on their many interests and youth camps. Educational activities (eg. lectures, round tables, discussions, workshops, social experiments, social games...) cover various topics relevant to young LGBTI+ people with the use of both formal and non-formal educational methods. Leisure and social activities are aimed at connecting and entertaining young LGBTI+ people, while also helping them acquire skills that will be useful to them in their daily lives (cooking, baking, jam sessions…). Groups/clubs are longer-term activities, conducted under the guidance of a mentor and are intended for an in-depth understanding of certain topics (philosophy club, history of LGBTI+ movement, stop motion animation club…). We organize different cultural events, such as Queer cafe evenings that were created to give public space to unrecognized LGBT+ artists in all fields of art. The information point located in the center is stocked on free info-materials, leaflets, postcards, stickers, booklets etc. and offers the possibility of obtaining information or professional support on issues such as sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, addressing and preventing violence, discrimination, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, hate speech, promoting various youth events, programs and projects relevant to LGBTI+ youth, opportunities for volunteer work…

Youth Center Legebitra is also open for young LGBTI+ people who would simply like to hang out in the community space, have coffee or tea, use the computer or printer, watch TV, browse the web, use the free Wi-Fi, do their school work, ask for help with their studies, use our library, create, chat, listen to music, read, relax in the summer garden…

Second field we can empower them with is our volunteering program, which we give a very big emphasis on and is one of the foundations of our organization. Through this program we educate, train and inspire young LGBTI+ people for active co-creation and co-management of the youth center program/spaces and active involvement in volunteer work in general.

There is also a counseling and support program available to the youth visiting our center (personal counseling, support groups), a health program (which offers young people counseling on safe and responsible sex, including free and anonymous testing for various sexually transmitted infections and a linkage to care) and other activities for youth (writing blog entries, participating in and organizing the Human Library…).

We regularly and actively cooperate with other youth centers and national NGOs. We also offer internships and practicums to students within the activities of the youth center. 

All of the donations will be used to cofund and manage all of the existing activities of the Youth center and for the maintenance of the community spaces. 


More information on Youth Center Legebitra

Webpage: www.legebitra.si

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Legebitra/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/diclegebitra/

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