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When Wigs Fly is a short film created at Dodge College of Film and Media Arts. Although it focuses on drag queens, it deals with universal themes of confronting one's worst fears and accepting the inevitable truth--even if the truth ain't pretty. 


Aesthetically, When Wigs Fly will be taking inspirations from films such as Moulin Rouge!, The Birdcage, Chicago, and Cabaret--meaning plenty of stylized camera and lighting techniques and lots of over-the-top, vivid production design. In addition, we will be turning about ten grown men into realistic drag queens, and provide enough supplies for makeup, hair, and wardrobe in order to create convincing transformations.


We have cast REAL drag queens in order to get the performance we want and have found people who have had the experience of working in such an underground profession! Because the film will be shot over the course of two weekends, we will need to pay our actors and performers enough to compensate for any shows they may miss during weekends that they would typically be performing throughout, as well as the locations that have been gracious enough to let us film on their property.  


We are using this opportunity to practice our craft and apply what we've learned in school toward our senior capstone. Our director and producing team are using this as a graduation requirement to put to work the skills we've been learning in class toward the biggest project we've worked on at school thus far. Our production designer, sound designer, and editor are also using this as an opportunity to practice their focus of study. When it is finished, it will be shown at a screening at Chapman, which is accessible to anyone who wants to attend. However, we need the funds to make it happen!


Let's make the fiercest film in drag queen HERSTORY--please help our vision come to life!

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