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We are a Swedish organization helping LGBTQ muslims. We fight against homophobia and transphobia.

The refugees have fled from LGBTQ aggressive regimes, particularly from the Middle East. When they arrive in Sweden, most of them are depressed, suicidal, at very poor mental health and in dire need of support. We provide a safe zone and try to build up their self esteem. We also help them take the fight with the authorities applying for asylum and permanent residence. 

We have been active for 14 years and lately we have had a lot of new migrants coming to us. However, we are now very short of money and our existance is at stake. The refugees really need a place to visit in order to get help, support and feel like normal, whole human beings worthy of love. We also help them with their integration, their problems to get somewhere to live, to learn Swedish and so on. We provide a better existence and some happiness. 

Through us they can have contacts with fellow-countrymen and tell others their terrible stories. They may feel shy and worried first but after some time they get more comfortable. We have weekly get-togethers and other meetings. In that way we show them that they do not need to feel lonely and empty inside any more. 

We also go to schools to inform about LGBTQ human rights. It is an extremely important part of our operation since there is still a lot of hostility towards the LGBTQ community among other migrants.

We try to survive. However, it is difficult without your financial support.

Please help us!

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