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Hi. My name is Satomi Shimada from Tokyo, Japan. I am the representative of nijiTOMOAfrica which is NGO based organization mainly working for Ugandan LGBTI.

Perhaps you know the terrible persecution of LGBT in Uganda..

They flee from their country and forced many challenges.

Kakuma refugee camp is the final destination until their resettlement.  Safety nets must be constructed.
More and more LGBTI reach there.

What we have to do is building the fences for security.  There live many homophobias in the camp . Sometimes they attack to LGBTI. The cost for the fences is about $500.

Also we have to build new water tap.  UNHCR built only one water tap for 200 LGBTI refugees. LGBTI refugees built one more tap by another fund before. But we have to build the new one because the increasing of the refugees.

Cost for the water tap is $500.  

They are planning to build a kind of shade which prevent the hot sun shine. Kakuma is too hot place for Ugandans.

Food insecurity is chronic.  WFP food is not enough and it doesn't have good vitamin.  To prevent sickness , they need another food.

<WFP food>

Sorghum, 3 kilograms

Peas, 1 kilogram

Soap, 1 piece.

Cooking oil, 1 liter.

Japanese fund give them powdered milk and rice  but it is for very limited people at this moment.
We humbly request your kindness for the poor LGBTI refugees.

Thank you for your cooperation.


refugee flag kakuma

Refugee flag kakuma

Help LGBTI refugees in kakuma

Japanese website for kakuma refugee camp

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