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At a transformational moment in her life, a Transgender woman named Lana meets and falls in love with a girl named Alyssa. The two are a match made in heaven, but Lana struggles to reconcile her love for Alyssa with her disdain for herself. In realizing that she owes herself the chance to embrace who she is, Lana insists that she cannot give Alyssa the life they have dreamed of together.  Alyssa pleads with Lana not to give up on what they have, but will it be enough to convince Lana that she can allow herself to be loved while simultaneously learning how to love herself?



In life, especially for those of us in the LGBT community, our self-perception can strongly influence how we treat our relationships with the people in our lives. Often when we find ourselves unable to define our worth, we come to believe the people we love are better off without us, no matter how much they insist upon their love for us.

For me personally, my inability to embrace myself, and my fear of who I was, damaged the most compassionate relationship I’ve ever been in. Just as Lana does in the film, I found myself at a place where I needed to devote my attention to myself, and was certain that my loved ones would only be hurt as a result. It didn’t occur to me that sometimes the path to learning how to love yourself is built by letting yourself feel the love of others.

My hope is that this film will help anyone who is going through a similar situation to realize that they are worthy of being loved. Self-love is important, but so are our relationships with others. The message of the film is one that I believe many people around the world can relate to. We have all felt unworthy of love at times. Hopefully Giving Up the Moon will remind people that no matter how lost you become in discovering who you are, there are people in your life who love you to the moon and back no matter what. And then some.



In order to accurately tell the story we want to create, we must fund an $8,000 budget. Every cent in our budget will be used for production, including each stage from hiring the perfect cast, locking down prime locations, renting equipment, and of course feeding our amazing cast and crew. This is a story with an empowering message that will impact many people and we need your help to spread the love. Please consider donating to our film and check out our exciting Rewards system that comes with each contribution!



The majority of our crew is made up of talented individuals who are alumni of Ohio University. Most of us have worked on multiple projects together, including music videos and short films. It's a very important and special privilege for us to continue creating projects together. Below are a couple of videos we have produced! 

Faded From Color (Official Music Video)

St. Anthony's Fire (Official Music Video)

The Rowe House

The Ban

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