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"Layover" is a short dark-comedy created by a cast and crew of LGBTQ people, women, and people of color.

While diversity of female roles and characters on screen that don’t revolve around a male character range from sparse to non-existent (google “the Bechdel test”), women are even more invisible behind the camera and behind the scenes. To cite some statistics, in 2017 including broadcast networks, cable and streaming services, women made up "27% of producers, 21% of executive producers, 18% of editors, 13% of writers, 13% of directors, and 9% of cinematographers.

"Layover" is different. The story revolves around women characters and passes the Bechdel test. Plus, our cast and crew members are predominantly women... Our director is a woman. Our executive producer is a woman. Our assistant directors are both women. Our cinematographer is a woman. Our sound operator is a woman. Our script supervisors are both woman. Our gaffer is a woman. Our production assistants are both women. Our editor is a woman. You get the point: the Layover team is women-dominated. Plus, our director and our executive producer are both queer and prioritize highlighting LGBTQ stories on screen, which is why they teamed up to create this movie in the first place.

All of us are experienced professionals in our fields and we’re ready to show Los Angeles and the rest of the country that there is no excuse for not hiring women behind the camera.

We started pre-production in August of 2018 and in late October we began filming. We wrapped in November with a total of three days of filming on set. Everyone in our cast and crew was paid for their work, which cost $6,000. Aside from compensating our extremely talented cast and crew, we also had to cover film insurance, equipment costs, clearance costs, and the various other expenses that come with creating a film for the big screen.  Now in post-production, the film is in it's final stages but needs some final special effects and sound work. We've already encorporated an original score and edited the piece. After we're completely done and ready to release the film, there will be festival submission costs as well. With all the expenses and costs added up from pre-production, filming, and post-production, minus the $2,000 raised during our pre-production fundraiser, our team of producers has estimated we will need to raise $12,000 to be able to meet all of our post-production goals and make up for costs covered already during the pre-production and filming process.

We really would appreciate any contributions to this project. Our producers have created an extensive rewards system, so that even with smaller contributions, you can get some really cool merchandise created just for the film contributors. If you're unable to contribute to our film, that's OK because you sharing the link to this fundraiser, and following the movie on Facebook (@layoverfilm) and Instagram (@layover_film) is another great way to show support.

Make sure you snap a selfie with the awesome merchandise you receive through this campaign and tag us on Instagram (@layover_film) to be reposted.

Thank you in advance... and prepare for the jetlag, folks.


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