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Mija is a coming of age story of a Intersexed girl who was raised into a  strict, religious latin family who migrated to East LA in 1984.  Her parents have kept this big secret from her the past 13 years and have been secrectly giving her hormones to make her "feel" more like a girl. 

One day during Sex Ed she discovers who she really is.

Will her parents and society accept her or will she experience her first hate act since she will be considered "gay" since back in the 80's people type casted intersexd people as only gay.

I really want to make this movie as best and accurate as I can, I am a female  mexican filmmaker, who wants to shine light on the intersex community. 

$5,000 is my goal to make this short film, I think it's more impressive to be able to tell a story with a smaller budget. Therefore I would like to challenge myself and make the budget goal $5,000.

Thank you for reading this.


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