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20/20 VISION GATHERING winter Breitenbush

The art of  seeing is in part the willingness to hold a soft gaze on the pieces that are just slightly out of focus.  We allow ourselves space and ease and we find the missing parts come more clearly into the foreground.  This gathering is a place to untangle from trying and explore being.

20/20 VISION  is a call to look inside with kindness and call forth your own vision of this very moment in your life - this life that is uniquely yours and  ceaselessly offers up opportunity to renew realign, and release all things.


  1. Register online at cascadiafaeries.org
  2. Make the payment pledged to the 20/20 VISION gathering in full or a minimum of $100 to secure a space in the gathering.  An equal share is $440
  3.  Payments must be received in full by January 10th or space will be release to those on the waitlist
  4. Participants on waitlist will be notified as spaces become available


visit the Faerie Trading Post! 



Gathering participants are asked to contribute as much as they can toward their Gathering costs, but the Radical Faerie tradition of NOTAFLOF (No one turned away for lack of funds) is being used to support this effort.

Our total expected need is over $78,000 USD.  If all 175 shared the cost equally it would be $440 a faerie.  100% of your PinkStart donation will go directly to paying Breitenbush Restreat and Conference Center and anything beyond our costs will be donated to the NOTAFLOF scholarship fund.

NOTAFLOF does not mean that participants can simply attend without paying anything and expect the rest of the community and donations to pay for their fees.

NOTAFLOF does mean that for those who are economically unable to afford the full gathering fee, we expect that they will make an honest assessment of their financial situation, and that they will pay as much as they reasonably can, without taking money away from what they need for food, medicine, clothing, and shelter.

NOTAFLOF also means that we all have the hope and expectation that those who are in abundant or affluent financial situations will express their generosity for their own good fortunes by paying more than the stated gathering fee, in order to help defray the costs for those who must pay less.

No donation is too large, or too small. As state above, 100% of all donations beyond Gathering expenses goes directly costs for participants needing economic support to attend the Gathering.

All donations are tax-deductible in the USA, to the extent allowed by law. Tax Deduction confirmation letters are also available on request.  


We believe that being able to participate in the financial health of this gathering benefits the gathering and the community that supports it.  That is why we are using this crowdfunding model so that everyone can see how the gathering is being supported.  If you would like to see the statistics of donations you can visit the QR's online napkin where she is doodling a graph of how the metrics of the incoming money look.


Equal payment doesn't mean equal access.  This is another reason we have chosen to employ the more traditional NOTAFLOF model where individuals can pay what makes sense to them with the opportunity to help raise the difference in cost with opportunities like the FAERIE TRADING POST where all faeries can offer up goods and services to help support this gathering.

FAERIE TRADING POST (click to visit)

Check it out!  There you can either browse the items people have put up for sale or put your own up to sell.  All sales will benefit THIS 20/20 VISION gathering and will support the gathering in reaching its needed funding.

If you would like to sell an item, please send the QR an email with Faerie Trading Post in the subject and her highness will get you up and going.



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